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What is Veg' et Chat ?

Veg' et Chat is a French association which informs about the possibilities to feed cats and dogs without killing other animals, which means without meat and fish.

And we supply (only in France) some supplements to keep cats and dogs healthy on a vegetarian diet.


Cats require nutrients missing on a pure vegetarian diet. A lack of the secondary amino acid, taurine, causes blindness and heart disease, making a dietary requirement essential. Since significant quantities occur only in animal tissues, Vegecat supplement contains taurine synthesized from non-animal sources.

Most mammals biosynthesize vitamin A from the yellow pigment (carotene) found in vegetables. Cats lack this ability, again making a dietary source of this nutrient (found naturally only in animal tissues) essential. Vegecat contains man-made vitamin A (non-animal derived).

Another dietary essential is arachidonate. This fatty acid, used in numerous vital metabolic processes including reproduction, hasn't been chemically synthesized. After extensive research, we found a concentrated source in a special seaweed, which forms the base for Vegecat.

Simply add Vegecat to one of the recipes (included which each container) you make up in your own kitchen. This guarantees meeting nutritional levels established by the Association of American Feed Control Official's (AAFCO) Cat Food Nutrient Profile for maintenance of adult cats.

Using methods outlined in detailed instructions accompanying each container of supplement, it takes only about 30 minutes to make kibble for two weeks. Other recipes are similar.

Ten years of practical experience has taught us to look for silky sleek coats, fleas eventually ceasing to be a problem, elderly cats acting like kittens, and litter box odors greatly diminishing.

Kittens (up to 12 months old) and queens

require Vegekit. If you have kittens as well as older cats, you can use temporarely Vegekit for all both.


Although members of the order Carnivora, dogs are considered nutritionally omnivorous without the metabloic limitations of cats and other "true" carnivores. However, achieving the proper nutrient balance without animal products is almost impossible without supplementation, since their dietary requirements result from their role in nature as scavengers, primarily eating flesh.

Vegedog (now with taurine) eliminates guesswork. Used with its accompanying recipes, you can meet the latest dietary recommendations without the use of animal products.

Vegedog comes with simplified instructions for use with all stages of a dog's life, including growth, and maintenance.


  • To ask questions, write to me (webmaster) at webmaster@vegechat.org

  • To order in France, you can write (in French if possible) to:

    Veg' et Chat
    Le Cordier, bāt.3
    6 rue Cordier
    30000 NĪMES

  • To write to the producers in USA:

    Harbingers of a New Age
    717 E. Missoula Avenue
    Troy MT 59935-9609
    E-mail: Vegepet
    Web: Harbingers of a New Age.


  • Harbingers of a New Age.

  • Vegan Outreach

  • The Great Ape Project


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    • Animal Liberation, Peter Singer, 2nd edition, 1990.

    • Practical Ethics, Peter Singer, 2nd edition, 1993

  • Last update: 18th July 2001